Prince Harry – The Last Free Smoker in Europe

prince_harry_smoking_cigarettesThere is no doubt that all European smokers are extremely oppressed by EU and goverment officials mad with health mission. The “Daily Rxpress” joined the company of oppressors some days ago in an article titled “Harry Keeps On Smoking” by Adam Helliker. The author took aim at Prince Harry (the third in line to the throne), the last independent European smoker.

Says a fellow ruddy-faced reveller: “Prince Harry was sitting next to the bar, in full view of the barmen and security and chain-smoked all night. No one dreamed of saying anything to him and, if anything, it encouraged a couple of friends who were with him at the party to follow suit.”

Don’t ask ruddy-faced revellers about princes habits. They are the characters, who always are about to degrade sombody’s dignity to win the affection of public opinion.

Given that he has no lack of support from his family, perhaps the real reason Harry is reluctant to stub out his final cigarette one has to look to his pneumatic girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

The Zimbabwe-born blonde, who arrived in London last week for a two-week bender with Harry before she starts her postgraduate politics degree at Leeds this month, is such a committed smoker she was even photographed last month on the balcony of her hospital room cigarette in hand as she recovered from an operation to have her appendix removed.

A friend tells me: “Chelsy loves smoking and Harry loves Chelsy.

Let’s face facts – there’s just no way Harry will quit as long as she continues to smoke.”

So we’ve just found that horrible Zimbabwe-born creature! We’ve got you, Chelsy, hospital smoker and Prince Harry’s devil-evil! I’m not sure I can believe in British common sense any longer.


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