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ja_w_kocich_zebachI was born in 1949 in Warsaw. I graduated the Nicolaus Copernicus High School in Warsaw, a UNESCO-affiliated educational establishment with English as the teaching medium.
I studied at the Central School of Planning and Statistics (today: Warsaw School of Economics) (1967-1971) and at the Department of Law and Administration of Warsaw University, graduating the latter in 1975.
In 1977-1980 I did a research project on late medieval culture at the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences under the academic guidance of Professor Bronisław Geremek. In 1982-1983 I continued research work on a scholarship from the underground Solidarity trade union.
In 1981 I was on the staff of the Social Research Centre of the Mazowsze Chapter of Solidarity and of the Solidarność weekly. Following the proclamation of martial law I took a job with a monthly Pomoc Społeczna and thereafter I worked as journalist for the Powściągliwość i Praca monthly (1989-1990) and contributed reviews to a bi-weekly Świat I Książka.
In 1990 I co-founded a publishing house Dom Wydawniczy Dominus and took over as its chief editor. A year later I set up my own consulting firm and I became a receiver in bankruptcy. In 1992 I published my book Sprawdź, czy jesteś właścicielem [Check Your Ownership Title].
In 1995 I was the secretary and a journalist of a local monthly Kocham Pragę.
In 1996-1999 I was a freelance contributor and, later, a staff member of Gazeta Prawna and a journalist of Dziennik Prawa i Gospodarki.
Since 2000 I have been a free agent. I have cooperated with an English-language monthly What’s up in Warsaw covering galleries, exhibitions, photography events and creative efforts of young artists. I invented and developed a cartoon character Janek Nuda [Jack Boredom] who featured in a Twożywo Group serial Kapitan Europa [Captain Europe] in an episode Rozkaz [Yes, sir.]

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