Defamatory phrase “Nazi Poland” in Portland Press Herald has been removed

Defamatory phrase “Nazi Poland” in Portland Press Herald has been

removed. Thank you, people, for your mass sending of the request!!!


A Request to Remove Defamatory Content


Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to inform you that the article “In Joan Dempsey’s debut, an art history professor faces secrets of past as WWII resistance fighter  published on your website October 8, 2017 contains the following defamatory phrase “Nazi Poland” in reference to the Nazi German occupied Poland during  World War 2.

Poland was occupied by the Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1945 and no Polish collaboration government was ever formed during that period. The Polish Government in Exile arrived in London in 1940.  Poland was completely devastated by Germans during World War II and Poles did not have any control over Poland’s territory. Nevertheless unlike many other countries i.e. Finland, Russia, Croatia, Albania, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Baltic countries there was no Polish collaboration government and there were no Polish units or divisions in SS, Wehrmacht or any other Nazi military units. Poland did not exist as an independent state during World War 2, as some of its territory had been annexed to Germany, and the remaining part came under the so-called General Government, an administrative entity completely subject to the German Reich.

No ”Nazi Poland” ever existed: The Poles, as the first, resisted Hitler and his state of Lawlessness and Death. The Polish Underground State operated the greatest resistance movement among all the countries occupied by the Germans.  Any collaboration with the enemy was punished by the Polish Underground State – the punishment was death.

Calling Poland, country that  lost virtually 20% of its population during the II World War, “Nazi”  is insensitive to the families of the millions of ethnic Poles who were killed, forced into slave labour, tortured, maimed, terrorized and starved during the brutal and inhuman occupation of Poland. Polish citizens equally Poles, Jews and those of other nationalities were shot in the streets, murdered in German and Soviet concentration camps, gassed in gas chambers, starved and killed by Germans and their helpers in several countries.

In view of the above, we request that you remove the defamatory expression “Nazi Poland” from the website under your administration.

Piotr Wójcicki
58-570 Jelenia Góra
Gen. Józefa Bema 1/1


Use that text and send to recipient – truth must win!!! Fake isn’t allowed ladies and gentlemen from –



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