Courtney Love – My Classmate

love22n-1-webI’ve read an article “Courtney Love Says her ‘sick” years are in the past” in “USA Today“:

The former Hole singer and widow of Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain says she’s patiently treading on a long-term trek back from her own personal hell of drug addiction, bankruptcy, identity theft and legal troubles. She has been clean and sober for three years, the singer says, “but it will be another two years before my memory is back to normal” because of her heavy drug abuse.

I was graduated in 1967, that was in sweet and mad 60-ies. I remember that fantastic period of my life very well. My Warsaw Polish-English high school was under UNESCO patronage. That’s why it was kind of asylum in communist Poland. Some of my classmates arrived from different countries, They were Polish but they began their education abroad.

Krzysztof arrived from Australia after he finished catholic primary school. His Aussi pronouncation sounded the best in a sentence like: “Jane, take your place, please”. Krystyna with her male, hard and metallic American murmurring went from Texas, USA. Ewa with her elegant, smart and polite English arrived from English primary school in Calcuta, India etc.

Most of us were fascinated with love, drug and rock’n’roll (we drunk alcohol instead drugs – I think it was the only advantage of communist regime: no drugs). We had the latest discs. I remember our ten minutes party during a break when we started to dance listening to “Five by Five” disc (The Rolling Stones). Believe me, we were absolutely not ready to meet a tragedy, which was coming on.

We were shaken with the news about terrible death of Janis Joplin. Jimmy Hendrix was the next. We were shocked and frozen by fear – something went wrong. The dream colorfull like a rainbow was gone.

Almost forty years have passed and we can just read Love’s statement:

With her first solo album since 2003 due later this year, Love says, “I know how to play the game now. I have to navigate the system, follow the rules and stop being a rebel. I can’t afford to be a 43-year-old rebel.”

Dear Courtney, I think you may be the 43-year-old rebel if you want to, of course. Drugs are not needed to rebel against convenances and rules.

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