Romp and Racy

press, kaduk,A new home loan marketing campagne in Australia shows about 80 years old lovers in TV clips. The models are very natural and I think they are not professional actors. We can read about it in The Daily Telegraph in the article titled “Virgin Launches Elderly Sex Romp Ads” by Justin Vallejo:

In the television commercial – one PG version and one M-rated cut for late night viewers – another elderly couple doing a spot of gardening throw off the shackles of clothing before getting busy behind a gum tree.They just couldn’t help themselves after a spray from a stray garden hose turned a bit of hedge trimming into a wet T-shirt contest.The innuendo runs thick and fast in classic Virgin style throughout the campaign, which is designed to promote a new home loan pushing an intimate relationship between customer and credit provider.

I’m very very interested in the subject. What is the subject I am interested in? Am I to borrow some Australian dollars? No, of course not. I’m interested in problem of elderly people sex because I’m almost 60. That’s why I’ve checked out three nice photos used in the campagne and I’ve read a question below:

But it raises the question – will the ads work? Vote in our poll below right and leave a comment in our Your Say box.

I did it. My answer was: YES. The results of the poll: yes – 56 %, no 44%. A balance of preferences(?).

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