… Around His Ankles

San Francisco, kaduk, pressSister Zavitia, top nun in San Francisco Mother Teresa’s order (Missionaries of Charity) was highly astonished when she met 30 pretty nice intoxicated firefighters having their party in the same building. It seems the news was very important because we can read about it in San Francisco Chronicle and in Los Angeles Times :

The San Francisco Fire Department is investigating a tailgate party involving about 30 off-duty firefighters outside a soup kitchen run by nuns with Mother Teresa’s order – and the rumor that a booze-fueled firefighter may have groped a female kitchen volunteer, then dropped his pants in front of a second volunteer in a bathroom.(…) it all began when the off-duty firefighters were holding a barbeque at the old fire station just down Third Street from AT&T Park after attending a Giants day game Aug. 29.(…)

The kitchen female volunteers had to be very handsome. It made a brave fireman to show his real emotions in extremly intoxicative style.

The department is also investigating whether another female volunteer was confronted in the bathroom a short time later by the same drunken firefighter with his pants around his ankles.

Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, the authors who reported the event didn’t inform us wether two women were satisfied of love-making, described above? We don’t know either, what does the coquettish firefighter’s opinion about the incident.

Believe me, please – I really don’t think the information above is the most important one. I swear. 

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